The Humble Heroes Project is a "philanthropic media" totally independent, funded exclusively by your donations.

The idea is to focus the spotlights on the "Humble Heroes", those who are modestly doing good works for the people around them. Thanks to their dynamism, altruism, generosity and imagination, those heroes find and implement incredible solutions. Our ambition is to provoke the commitment of the viewers in the big adventure of "Build the Best together".
These portrayals are a professional communication tool that we give to the Humble Heroes. We also give financial help to The Humble Heroes who need the most, those who are in financial danger. We are "Helping those who help" !


Here is the very first advertisement film of The Humble Heroes Project.

“Helping those who help”, isn’t that a magnificent virtuous cycle! Become a friend of the Humble Heroes Project.

Watch this film and discover how the whole adventure started :
Genesis :